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Case Studies

Well Connected Canine

Well Connected Canine (WCC) offers a range of services for dogs in the York area. It is run by one person with good basic computer literacy as a sole trader .

WCC had a holding web page which only offered contact information, but had a good logo and branding. It had a domain name set up with an email address, but was unable to easily access their emails. The holding page and domain had been set up by a graphic designer who did not possess the skills to build more than a basic web site. The designer also provided stationary and other paperwork.

WCC had the following requirements:
  • comprehensive web site for all services
  • easy to update download page
  • online registration and payment for courses
  • easier access to emails
  • an easier way to manage client information and notes whilst meeting the requirements of the UK Data Protection Act
  • promotional photography

A new website was designed allowing easy access to the large range of information on the services available.

The site provided the following features:

  • News Items on the Front Page

    The page shows snippets of news items and links to the full text. Each item can be marked to expire after a certain date, ensuring all the news items show are still relevant. Important items can be marked as 'sticky' and always appear at the top.

    News items can be added, edited and removed easily using a password protected admin area. The site takes care of the formatting ensuring a consistent and professional look and feel.

  • Live Feed from the WCC Facebook Profile

    The feed provides a 'Like' button and a link to post comments and suggestions. It shows a selection of photos from people who have 'Liked' WCC previously, helping build a positive image.

  • Up-to-date Testimonials

    The best and most relevant testimonials are taken from a pool and shown on the services pages so that visitors see comments from previous clients who have used the service shown on the page. Testimonials from clients using similar services are more likely to influence clients.

    WCC can add testimonials themselves when they come in using the admin system. Each testimonial has a rating, and the site will ensure only the best are shown where space is limited. A dedicated page shows the whole pool from all the services.

  • Online Registration

    A clear form allows visitors to register for classes using the site. The site not only sends a notification email to WCC to let them know someone has registered, but keeps a record of all registrants to be reviewed in the secure admin section.

    The form system attempts to ensure that all the data is valid and gives clear messages to users where errors are found. This ensures that the user's experience is quick and easy and that useful, valid data is collected.

  • Online Invoicing and Payments

    The system can generate invoices from details submitted by clients and send them via email automatically. Invoices can be customised with any number of extra items.

    Clients can then pay their invoices online using the secure WorldPay service. Due to the convenience of the system, most clients choose to pay for services in advance online, improving cash-flow for WCC.

  • Individual Class Pages

    A dedicated page and sub-menu for each training class offers clear information for visitors. As WCC offer new classes, they can add new pages themselves and the site will update automatically. Again, the site takes care of the formatting, ensuring a consistent and professional look and feel. Content changes can be done in a matter of minutes.

    The new class pages automatically adds options to the online registration system allowing visitors to register immediately.

  • Administration of Links to Other Sites

    Links to other sites can be added, categorised and sorted using the admin system. A simple form makes adding links easy and allows descriptions to be added alongside each link. Up to date links help give the impression of an active business and the admin makes the process very simple.

Satsuma Tree organised all of the email addresses to be accessed though one GoogleMail account, allowing easy online access and storage.

Satsuma Tree now produces the files and organises the printing of WCC's fliers, business stationary and banners, and offers advice on computing equipment purchases.

To help reduce the amount of paperwork needed to keep client details and session notes, Satsuma Tree has developed a secure online database to hold all the information, designed to be used from a tablet which can be taken to their client's premises. The database hold all client and dog details and information about which services they are registered for, in addition to all assessment notes.

The database will soon allow veterinary reports and other commonly produced documents to be produced in PDF format automatically, saving time consuming work producing them manually.

The main public web-site can be connected to the main client database allowing new clients to register for courses on-line and be automatically added, helping keep information up to date.

Well Connected Canine receives many new clients from their web site, and the easily accessible information on the site saves a great deal of time which would have been spend with each individual client over the telephone.

"Sam and Satsuma Tree have been consistently helpful and approachable, taking my ideas and transforming them into an easy to use website. Around half of my clients approach me via my contact form on the new website and many comment favourably on the site itself.

I am excited about the forthcoming database and online registration process which should reduce the time I spend dealing with administrative details and allow me to get back to working with my clients' dogs!"

Morag Heirs, Well Connected Canine

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