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Case Studies

Living With Chronic Pain (LWCP)

LWCP produce a self-help CD for those who live with chronic pain. It is ordered by both individuals and hospital groups. LWCP is run by one full-time psychology professional with no IT or business experience, on a non-profit basis.

The existing site was created in 2001 and was looking outdated and although it provided online payment it was not very straightforward. The site was inaccessible to those with sight impairments. The pricing structure was not intuitive, and the process of ordering a CD needed to be improved. Listening to the tracks before ordering was only possible for thirty seconds and needed a plug-in to be downloaded for many people.

Satsuma Tree designed a new site using the existing CD cover as a starting point. The new site had clear, readable text and a simple interface, and was designed to be simple to use for those will less computer experience. Satsuma Tree made a simple PayPal payment system and suggested modifications to the pricing structure to make the process as simple as possible.

Satsuma Tree have now added a feature to allow visitors to listen to any of the tracks online, or to download the entire CD in MP3 format for listening offline. LWCP made the decision to offer this for free as many of those in need of the CD are out of work.

With the help of Satsuma Tree, LWCP...
  • has increased the availability of its product, especially to those on low incomes or with low computer literacy
  • has increases availability internationally as postage costs significantly increased prices overseas before it was available online
  • spends less time packaging and posting CDs as they are available online
  • no longer needs any technical skills
  • has a more professional image which should provide visitors with more confidence in the product

Download logs show that the recording is now reaching significantly more people than when it was only available as a CD.

Satsuma Tree manage and maintain the domain and site, and offer technical support to those having problems with the site or the payment system.

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